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No. 1 Guide on How to Buy Shopify Store at Exchange Marketplace

Building & Managing an E-commerce Store ,like if you buy Shopify  store ,is not much viable as it sounds. There are multiple open-source & premium subscription-based e-commerce platforms available nowadays but creating & finding customers for your store is very difficult on the ground level.

Driving Traffic & Converting into Customers are both different from each other. And you should be aware of how you’re going to convert your traffic into customers.

If you’re planning to go with paid ad campaigns over Google & Social Platforms (Pay Per Click Campaigns) to drive customers to your store, then it would not be much profitable for you in the long run. For premium ads also either you should be an expert or hire some Pay Per Click Agency.

So to overcome customer finding problems, Generally, we recommend buying an already established Shopify store or site.

Shopify Exchange is the dedicated platform to helping you buy Shopify stores. Here’re some major benefits of buying a Shopify store:

  • Ready-Made Running Websites
  • Catalog of thousands of revenue-generating stores
  • Buy Dropshipping Stores
  • Verified Customers Data
  • Encrypted Payment System
  • Already established customer-base
  • Paid Customers database for email marketing
  • Safe Store Transfer & Shopify Post-Support

What is Shopify Exchange Marketplace ?

Does the exchange Marketplace make interest? So we would help you to understand the complete process of how to sell and buy Shopify store  at the marketplace. It doesn’t matter whether you’re some beginner or expert entrepreneur, our step-by-step guide would help you understand from the edge-to-edge process and if still persist some issues, comment us below and we will help you through it.

Let’s dive into it!

How does the Exchange Marketplace work?

As mentioned earlier, Exchange Platform is for everyone from beginner to experienced persons for buying & selling Shopify site.

If you have ever used the Flippa Platform then it will be much similar to it. Similarly, your can use this platform to Buy Shopify Store, Buy Dropshipping Store, and Sell Shopify Store.

After landing over their Home Page, you will be directly able to review store listings. To review listing insights simply click over it and would redirect to a comprehensive report page.

All data showing under Business Story, Performance & Revenue are real & generated from the website itself when you buy Shopify store, so you can be assured about its credibility.

Exchange offers you Hundred of small to big revenue-generating stores, those you can review & finalize as per your investment capital.

How to search profitable listings to buy Shopify store

Exchange offers catalog categories to browse different listing categories in the top header area. So you can filter category-specific store listings in the exchange marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for a started store or established high traffic website or even planning to buy dropshipping stores, Exchange Marketplace is the perfect place for it and makes buying & selling funnel simple with verified credentials & safe payment process.

So there are 4-features or filters to find a business listing of your interest in the catalog:

Exchange Marketplace New Listings to buy Shopify store

You can find the ‘New Listings’ option on top of the page and on click, it redirects you to recently added 24-listings over the exchange marketplace. Use this method to find new business & evaluate it.

Search Function

This is a very useful feature of the marketplace. It enables you to find listings related to your searched keyword, which shows you similar listings. This feature is also available in the top area of the marketplace. Once you fill in some keywords and make a search, you will be served with profitable websites for sale.

Categories available when you buy Shopify  store on Exchange

If you’re planning to review listings related to a specific category, then use the category menu for it. The category menu will available in the top-left area of the header. If you’re looking for dropshipping businesses for sale then you can click dropshipping dedicated features under categories.

Sorting Parameters when you are about to buy Shopify store

These are the filters that you can use to refine the search and make it more specific. You can find this option on the listings page and come with attributes like Price, Revenue, Age, Business Type. 

We would recommend, if you’re seriously willing to buy shopify store online, then check out their listings and use the above methods to search out specific results, so you can review profitable business for sale at Exchange Marketplace.

What to consider before buying a business?

So till now, you may understand how to find business for sale at Exchange Marketplace using the above methods. But after shortlisting a few listings, here are some tips on what you should know before buying an online business.

Evaluate your Budget

This is the first key step that you should be very careful while evaluating. Make sure after purchasing the business, you should have some capital for marketing & product sourcing etc to keep business smoothly running after buying online business

Understand why are they selling

See…nobody sells a running business until they’re having some personal or common problems occurring. 

So there may be conditions where either the niche is too saturated to acquire customers or lower margins or the seller wants to move into new big business or ventures etc.

We can just think but to dig out more over the reason of selling, move over exchange listings, seller write reasons to sell the store, so make sure to read it as well. Have a look at the below image:

Use this kind of information & make some external research, so you can make sure to take a decision effectively.

What is appealing about whn you buy Shopify Store?

Perhaps, this may be the first thought that may come to your mind, why exactly you want to buy a Shopify store on exchange?

Write your answers to the following questions on paper & think for a bit:

  • Do you want to be an entrepreneur and not want to be involved in the store-building process?
  • Do you believe in yourself, able to run an established business or some dropshipping business?
  • Do you have some experience with e-commerce business in specific categories?

Ask yourself the above questions & think about what comes to your mind and then you would be able to make the right decision when you are about to buy Shopiy store.

Understand one key point, you are not only buying a website at exchange marketplace instead buying domain name, content & branding assets, customers mailing list, social media account, etc and you would need to avail some inventory too.

Make sure to check what’s included in the deal with the website, an example below:

Ask as many questions to the seller about the store and don’t hesitate until you get a clear image on whether to buy Shopify store at exchange marketplace or not.

How to Buy Shopify Store on Exchange?

Once you are 100% sure about your decision and want to buy a store on the exchange then first create an account at exchange or you can directly login with existing Google or Facebook account as well.

Remember, if you’re willing to buy a listing at exchange below $5000 then you can directly connect with the seller but if it’s above $5000 then you would need to verify your account first.

Don’t worry verification is a simple process that can be done by either Linkedin or Strip, in which you just need to provide some basic information and interest about the business you’re looking to purchase.

If you’re looking to buy a Shopify business above $20000, then from a developing Trust Point of view, you would need to connect your Linkedin profile so the seller & exchange can trust you for further process, which involves money.

After all this, now you would be able to ‘Request Information’ from the seller. Using this feature, you can connect with the seller & ask your questions directly to him and negotiate the price of a listing.

Remember, the listed price is the starting price, so always negotiate over it and make a profitable deal.

So let’s consider you agreed with the seller at a price and now you need to pay him at Exchange. Exchange uses Escrow, a secure payment platform for transactions. You can use this service with exchange every time while buying a Shopify store at the exchange.

To use escrow, sellers would need to define the terms and specify the time period for buyers to pay for listing at the exchange. If the buyer agrees, to the defined terms then he can proceed to pay money to buy shopify store. After payment, money would be held by escrow until both parties agree to the terms defined by them. At Exchange Marketplace, Escrow works as a middleman to ensure a safe deal to both parties with a little commission. Which party will bear escrow fee, this can also be mentioned in defined terms.

Once you’re done with the payment & terms agreement, you will come over to the handover process.

The handover process is taken care of by exchange and usually takes around 3-5 working days, if during the process, you’re having any questions about how to buy Shopify store, you can connect with exchange support for it.

How to Buy Dropshipping Business at Exchange Marketplace?

If you’re willing to buy dropshipping business at exchange then read the following information before diving into catalog listings.

There’re lots of dropshipping business listings available at the exchange marketplace which can be purchased easily. 

Before planning to buy a Shopify store with a dropshipping enabled feature, understand one thing which is that the seller would not hand over any inventory during the handover process because in dropshipping business product shipping is being taken care of by OEM himself.

Perhaps, under the ‘Request Information’ feature you can ask sellers for domain migration, content & branding assets, social media accounts, etc whenever you buy dropshipping business on Exchange.

How to Sell a Business on Exchange Marketplace?

If you’re planning to sell your Shopify store at exchange then go to the exchange marketplace home page and click on ‘Sell Your Business’ in the top right corner of the header.

This will take you to ‘List Your Website For Sale’ Page, Fill your store address into the required field and click ‘Add my Shopify Store’ Button.

On the next page, you will be prompted to install the Exchange Marketplace App into your listing store. Now click on Install app and you will again be prompted with an exchange features screen in your Shopify admin panel.

In the bottom part of the screen, click on the ‘Start Now’ button and this will take you to the listing creation of your store on Exchange Marketplace.

On this new page, you will need to write a detailed description of your store and some general information, which would help buyers to understand the nature of your store. For good standing, add some screenshots with store performance in Google, Related Social Media Account, etc, and yes a brief description about yourself also. This would help you to make a trust bond with your buyer and would help the buyer, what he will be handover on successful purchase during buying a Shopify store.

Once you’re done with all information writing work, then move to the top header area and click on the ‘Get Valuation’ button, so you can have an idea about the pricing of similar listings going on over the exchange marketplace.

So all good now and your store would be live in listing soon !!

Make sure to use Escrow only payments while selling and never sell your store outside to save commissions. This can result in fraud from unethical folks with you.

Hope now you are aware of How to Buy Shopify Store, How to Buy Dropshipping Business & How to Sell Shopify Store at Exchange Marketplace.

If you’re having any thoughts or questions related to the above information, you can comment below! 


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