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How to start a vacation rental business

Making money with vacation rentals takes time and effort. However, many people have achieved such success that they have been able to quit their day jobs and devote their time exclusively to hosting. Continue reading to discover how to make money renting vacation homes.

If you’re unsure of how to start a vacation rental business, we recommend performing extensive study prior to getting started. We’ve identified the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a rental property and hosting your first guests.


How to start a vacation rental business

Acquire the ideal vacation rentals property

If you intend to acquire a property for vacation rentals purpose rather than as an investment, further market research will be required. Consider the following variables when making an investment property selection for your vacation rentals:


Location of vacation rentals are a significant aspect in determining the profitability of your holiday rental. For example, if your house is close to a popular attraction, such as a beach or amusement park, you can make a substantial vacation rentals income.

Ideally, the venue you select should be lucrative throughout the year. While coastal vacation rentals generate a higher rental revenue, they are also more expensive than, say, a suburban family home. Additionally, it may require a greater down payment, implying that you will spend more money upfront on your investment property.

Ordinances and taxes at the local level

When searching for a sound investment, it’s critical to become familiar with local restrictions and HOA covenants. Local rules and levies can dramatically reduce the economic potential of a property. Certain cities have extremely strict laws on short-term rental, while others prohibit it entirely. Additionally, you must ascertain whether any additional conditions, such as permits, apply.

Possibility of habitation

Contact a local realtor or property management company to receive a more precise estimate of the projected occupancy rate. Alternatively, you can simply browse booking sites’ calendars to get a sense of what is available in a certain place.


Vacation rental peak season,lasts an average of 12 weeks. In a perfect world, you’d own a home that you could also rent out during off-peak hours. As a result, it is prudent to seek out a year-round desirable location.

The property’s size

Generally, if your residence has additional bedrooms and bathrooms, you can charge a larger per-night rent. Having said that, no size is ideal. In general, you’re searching for a property that you can manage effectively and that provides sufficient cash flow to pay your property-related expenses.


Decorate and furnish your rental

While you have no influence over certain characteristics of the property, such as its size or local regulations, you do have complete control over its interior design. By committing time and effort to the creation of beautiful interiors, you may significantly enhance the guest experience. Additionally, it streamlines the marketing procedure for your home on listing sites. By going above and above in terms of design, you may help your vacation rental property stand out in the market.

Engage a professional designer

Your vacation rental property should be warm and inviting to all guests. One of the most common mistakes is to decorate your home just for your enjoyment. As a result, it is prudent to obtain a third-party assessment. Not only will a professional designer provide objective advice, but he or she will also possess substantially more skill and competence when it comes to designing rental properties.

Purchase functional and durable furniture

It is recommended to begin with classic lines and color palettes. By choosing more neutral choices, you can ensure that your house appeals to a broad range of tastes and that you won’t have to renovate or replace it as regularly. When acquiring used furniture, ensure that it is in good condition and exhibits no signs of wear and tear.

Enhance your interior design

Your guests have selected a specific holiday destination for a reason. While it is encouraged to utilize generally appealing lines and color schemes, you can still incorporate subtle elements that express the area’s mood. This way, the area of your land might be increased. If you own a beach house, for example, you can add a subtle nautical theme.


Enlist your vacation rental property


vacation rentals


It is vital to be forthcoming with information regarding your property. A well-written, comprehensive description of your vacation rental property is one of your most valuable revenue-generating assets.

Take fantastic photos of your rental

Your images will define the success or failure of your venture. Given the crucial importance of this activity, it is smart to subcontract it as well. You could even engage someone to create a three-dimensional virtual tour of your property for you.

Create an enticing title

When customers conduct an online search for lodging, the first thing they will notice is your title. With so many short-term vacation rentals accessible on listing sites such as Airbnb, Vrbo, or, you’ll need to create something unique and memorable to set yourself apart from the competitors. Two common mistakes to avoid are using general language and promising more than your property can deliver.

Create a comprehensive description

Your description of your vacation home rentals supports you in emphasizing difficult-to-capture features and amenities. Additionally, it makes a substantial contribution to managing visitor expectations. When writing your description, make a point of including relevant keywords; this benefits both you and the search engines.

Your vacation home rentals are eligible for multiple OTA

If you’re going to promote your vacation rentals, it’s vital that you select the right platform. Having said that, each platform has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. As a result, listing your vacation rentals on many sites is prudent. Additionally, by putting your vacation rentals on multiple sites, you will increase your exposure.


Maximize ROI by pricing your vacation rentals right

You can maximize your occupancy rate by pricing your vacation rentals wisely. This, nevertheless, is the most challenging component for several homeowners. The secret is to take market conditions, seasonality, and comparable properties into account. When calculating your monthly vacation rentals rates, don’t forget to include in management costs as well. You want to be certain that your rental income covers your expenses and that you have the finances to expand your business.

Utilize a vacation rentals income calculator

Calculating the money that vacation rentals property can generate is challenging. As a result, it is advised that you make use of online resources such as a holiday rental revenue calculator.

Compare your prices to those of your competitors

It is crucial to remember when conducting competitive research that you should compare your property to others that offer comparable qualities. Simply sharing a street does not guarantee that you are providing the same experience. Indeed, you may like to price it somewhat below your rivals. This raises the probability that it will be rented.

Create one-of-a-kind specials and promotions

When it comes to establishing their daily rates, hosts frequently make costly mistakes. One of the most common blunders is to select a yearly flat rate. Rather than maximizing the nightly cost, the purpose should be to maximize the whole value of the booking. This can be accomplished by the provision of discounts for lengthier stays or by giving special weeknight pricing.



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