Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Patricia, the creator of I created Wealthy Reads as a place to compile all the research and “reads” in my never-ending quest to find a side hustle, a supplemental income with the goal of firing my boss, a path for building more retirement income, a way to stay current learning tech skills applied to social platforms. Whew! It is a lot.  

So, what started out as random research became ingrained revelations, such as knowledge is power and without knowledge, action is futile. Knowledge is at the core of changing your financial life. And when you take action consistently and purposely, then, increasing your bank account becomes a natural byproduct.

Wealthy Reads distills some of the best information out there into digital ebooks that become yours’ forever. It offers different business perspectives, mostly internet based and mostly passively earned. My company’s purpose is to share the knowledge with you in one concise place, and encourages you to infuse your life with knowledge and action.